Dr. Doofenshmirtz is a 6th Moveset from Smash Lawler's Lawl. He doens't attack Perry but he can use any attacks over the world. - Entrance - Doof's Airship - Doofenshmirtz will fly with the airship, and then the Doofensmirtz Evil Incoporated. jingle plays.


Write the first section of your page here. Neutral B - Pure Evil Bubble - Doofenshmirtz uses a Gun to shoot a Green Beam that creates a bubble around anyone who touched it. Side B - Super Star - Doof goes almost naked with rollerblades and rams forward. Up B - Rocket Man - Doofenshmirtz uses a Rocket to fly upward. Down B - Bradwurst - Doof will slash with his sausage. Final Smash - Very Bad-INATOR - Doof presses a button and a big machine appears. This machine starts shooting green laser beams in different directions with it's multiple cannons. At the end of the attack, all the cannons shoot their beams at once.

KO SoundsEdit

KO Sound 1: AAAAAH!

KO Sound 2: AUUUGHH!

Star KO: Curse you, Perry the Platypuuuuuus!

Screen KO: [crunch] OW!


Up Taunt: Oh, i get it. Hardy har har.

Side Taunt: Just think what evil uses for this.

Down Taunt: [laughs]

Victory Poses/Lose PoseEdit

Option 1: Phew! That was close.

Option 2: By default, my favorite!

Option 3: poses for his picture

Lose: looks the city who looked