Diglett Dam

"It's ze Diglett!"


Diglett Dam is Diglett's Home Stage in Smash Bros Lawl.


The stage itself it's a flat zone with a very sharp edge at the right part of on the stage (almost a platform itself) and a almost-pit edge at the left part (like Melee's Goomba stage)

Above the main Layout, there are 2 angled Platforms, both pointing at the center. There will also appear every 13-15 seconds a moving Giant Platform that will mostly be angled. The Construction Foreman can be also be saw at the lower part of the stage, pointing at a crossed Diglett sign. Trucks can be hardly seen at the right-lower part of the stage.


The stage comes exactly from the Pokémon Episode "Dig those Diglett!" from season one. The aforementioned Construction Foreman comes from this episode too. The episode itself its about a Diglett who are destroying the highways in the mountains, and in consecuence, the Dam can't be finished due to the highway being broken and Trucks can't send the material to finish the project. The Construction Foreman gets mad about this and hires trainers to get rid of the Diglett (explanation of the CF seizeing Diglett at the BG)


Currently, there is a Trophy about the Construction Foreman himself.

Construction Foreman

Construction Foreman's Trophy.


Smash Bros Lawl Soundtrack PKMN Route medley (150 subs!)

Smash Bros Lawl Soundtrack PKMN Route medley (150 subs!)

The stage itself + a medley

-PKMN Route Medley

-Kanto Gym Leader theme

-Ok! (Instrumental)

-Ok! (3rd Japanese Opening)